International Undergraduate Program

Admission: IUP student

IUP International Relation

IUP International Relation

“Dare to InspIRe”

International Undergraduate Program is an international learning program. This program is addressed to the students with specific academic competence which facilitated to join a lecture with international method. The aim of its learning is to participate as the world citizen who is expected to bring better changes and transformations in politics, economics, and social field in the future.

Learning Program

To achieve the objective of the better future genertation development, this program offers the courses focus on:

  • International Politic
  • Conflict and Peace Studies
  • International Political Economy

The competencies are:

  • Diplomacy
  • Transnational Affairs
  • Analyst and Academia
  • Journalism

This program is also supported with various facilities to implement the lecture, such as:

Dual Degree Program

Universitas Gadjah Mada collaborates with Flinders University, Australia (2-1-1 program), and later the students will obtain two master degrees from both universities.

International Exposure

  • Long Term
    Students exchange on the first and second semester in five universities collaborated with Universitas Gadjah Mada, they are: Science Po (France), La Trobe University (Australia), Malmo University (Sweden), National University of Singapore (Singapore), and Freibirg University (Germany).
  • Medium Term
    Taking place for 1 up to 3 months through Summer Program, Short Course, Social Project De Keyer's Project, or a partnership with State Ministry of Youth and Sports through students exchange among countries.

Career Prospect

The students later are expected to develop self competence in ministry of foreign affairs, international institution, multinational enterprise, researcher in international relation studies, and able to enter the media and journalism field.

IUP Public Policy and Management

IUP Public Policy and Management

“Locally Embedded and Globally Connected”

International students who are enrolled for exchange program or other schemes of student mobility (incoming) in UGM or FISIPOL can be part of this program. There are courses provided by both IR and PPM IUP that can be taken by the international student as well.

UP in PPM has every advantage students can expect for building a bright career as it offers curriculum which is locally embedded and globally connected. The courses will be delivered by distinguished professors with strong academic and professional background, able to bridge theoretical perspectives and real world necessities.

This is the first program in public policy and management accredited by AUN (ASEAN University Network) and DAAD-DIES (German Academic Exchange Service) in Indonesia. The accreditation reaffirms the quality of education we are providing, not only in Indonesia but also in ASEAN and European standards.

Besides, IUP in PPM offers student opportunities to experience international exposure through one of the following tracks:

  1. Double degree program (one year in partner university)
  2. Student exchange or credit transfer (one to two semesters in partner university)
  3. Internship (three to six months in Indonesia-based international organizations, embassies, internationally-linked government bodies, donor institutions, international NGOs, or multinational corporations)
  4. International executive training or short course program in (one week up to three months in foreign countries)

The exposure is made possible by extensive network with international universities such as:

  1. Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  2. Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  3. Flinders University, Australia
  4. Korea University, Korea
  5. La Trobe University, Australia
  6. Mahidol University, Thailand
  7. Nagoya University, Japan
  8. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  9. Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
  10. Thammasat University, Thailand
  11. Universidade De Sao Paolo, Brazil
  12. Universitetet i Agder, Norway
  13. University of Canberra, Australia
  14. Yonsei University, Korea

Prospective Career Options

  • Policy analyst
  • Diplomat
  • Public sector manager
  • Journalist
  • Community development specialist
  • Government official
  • NGOs activist
  • Researcher/Scholar
  • Politician
  • Multinational corporation executive
  • Human resource manager


Our curriculum consists of 3,5 to 4 years program that comprises of core and elective courses to cater basic knowledge and skills in public policy and management as well as the three areas of interest. The program structure is designed as follows:

  • niversity compulsaries (5 courses, 15 credits)
  • aculty compulsaries (6 courses, 17 credits)
  • epartment compulsaries (17 courses, 68 credits)
  • rea of interest (9 courses, 36 credits)
  • lectives (3 courses, 9 credits)

The program offers wide variety of learning approaches and innovations, such as full delivery in English, contemporary curriculum, student-centered and research-based learning, experiental learning, international exposure activities, and career development advisory.

Learning Facilities

Course materials, fully-equipped class room, e-learning facilities, studios/laboratory, library with access to international journals, student lounge, free high-speed internet access, student service office.


International Undergraduate Program in Public Policy and Management (IUP in PPM)
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UGM Unit II – Jl. Prof. Dr. Sardjito, Sekip, Yogyakarta 55281
Phone:+6274 – 563362
Mobile : +62-812 2622 2210
Office Hours:Monday to Thursday: 08.00 am – 04.00 pm
Friday: 08.00 am – 03.00 pm

IUP for International Student

International students who are enrolled for exchange program or other schemes of student mobility (incoming) in UGM or FISIPOL can be part of this program. There are courses provided by both IR and PPM IUP that can be taken by the international student as well.