About Us

Global Engagement Office (GEO) is the office of international affairs at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. We are a supporting unit at the Faculty with the main function is to support the internationalization of the Faculty, and the University in general. Working in-sync with the Faculty’s greater vision and mission, GEO is looking forward to becoming an engaging office of international affairs that provides professional supports to the Faculty community in their endeavors towards an established Indonesian society.

Vision and Mission

Fostering the provision of inspiring education for the Faculty community through internationally reputable education programs and Facilitating academia engagement in multidisciplinary research activities and innovative initiatives for society development.

Our Divisions

  • International Cooperation and Legal Affairs

    assists in building collaboration with both international and national partners, reviews legal documents, and gives legal opinions

  • Student Affairs

    helps students in the incoming and outgoing student mobility programs

  • Research and Education

    supports faculty members and visiting scholars in their endeavors to carry out collaborative research and other academic activities

  • Media and Event

    supports the unit in disseminating information to the public in general and to our stakeholders in particular, as well as manages strategic events that highlight the internationalization agenda of the Faculty

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Exposure Testimonials

IISMA Program is an once in a lifetime experience that will broaden your horizon on how you view the world. I was honored to be part of the IISMA awardees because i got the opportunity to truly explore my passion and to expand my global network. Also, I appreciate the Ministry of Education to keep progressing and enlightening the education of many despite the pandemic COVID-19. This program has changed my life and it will change your life.

One word to describe my experience with IISMA would be grateful. I get to learn many new things and my academic would have the most impact. Despite being an International Relations student, I am taking Philosophical Studies in KU Leuven. It is challenging for me to learn Philosophy as I have no history record of it. I also get to deepen my insight about European Union’s Institution and Policy by studying it directly with the professor who worked there. Not to mention, I also have to develop my interpersonal skills to build connections with people around me. It is a fun experience to grow into something more through this exchange. I totally recommend it for those seeking new study experiences!

Having an internship at GEO has given me many new experiences, especially in being a part of the Student Affairs team. I learned and improved many new skills, not only communication in English verbal and written, but also new friends and relations, teamwork, time management, and self-discipline. Plus! All of the GEO team members are very very warm, helpful, friendly, and super fun!! It was a really great time!

My time as a Research and Education intern at GEO FISIPOL UGM has been fun and valuable. I was lucky to work for three months with many hard-working people. The staffs and head divisions were kind enough to help me learn new experience. I am grateful that I started my first ever internship with GEO