[Japan] Ritsumeikan University – Exchange Program 2017


[Scholarship is offered for this program]

Ritsumeikan University’s “International PBL Program in ASEAN Countries” is an education program focusing on “international problem/project-based learning” which looks to provide necessary “multi-dimensional thinking skills” (technical thinking, business thinking, system design thinking) by accepting students from a variety of countries and regions to work collectively to solve policy and social issues such as Asian welfare, urban planning and development which ASEAN countries have been facing.

This program has been created on the basis of academic collaboration with partner institutions and Ritsumeikan University as one of the “FY2013 Inter-University Exchange Project” by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) to promote student exchange with partner institutions in ASEAN Countries under AIMS program (ASEAN International Mobility for Students program).

For further information, please go to: http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/international/aims/eng/

Information Sheet: 7 Information Sheet 2017-18_RU_PBL

Poster: 9 RU_PBL_information_flyer_2018(1)

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[Japan] Kyushu University – Exchange Program 2017/2018


[Scholarship is offered for this program]

Kyushu University was founded in 1911 and has grown to be one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. At present, there are 11 undergraduate schools, 18 graduate schools, 3 research institutes, and a hospital. Approximately 19,000 students and 2,200 faculty members are engaged in study and/or research at the University. Kyushu University is located in Fukuoka, gateway of Kyushu. Geographically and historically, the city is close to other parts of Asia, so we have been aiming to be the “University opened to Asia” from the beginning. Also, a new main campus, in Ito opened in 2005, where some departments have begun its activities.

Program brochure: 【Kyushu University】201706

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[Japan] Ibaraki University – Exchange Program 2018/2019



We are pleased to announce that Ibaraki University is inviting applications for Ibaraki University Exchange Program for 2018/2019. We are accepting a few full-time undergraduate and/or graduate students from your institution under the student exchange agreement between Ibaraki University and your institution.

Program Brochure: IU Exchange program for 2018

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Chevening Scholarship – UK

with Embassy of the United Kingdom and alumni of Chevening Scholarship
Date: Thursday, 31 August 2017
Time: 10.00 – 12.00 AM
Venue: 2nd Floor, Room 2.2 Central Building Faculty of Engineering UGM

*Limited seats only for the first 80 attending participants

[Japan] Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University – Spring Exchange Program 2018


Students from partner universities can study at APU for one semester or one year under the student exchange agreements. APU currently accepting the nominations and applications for 2018 Spring exchange program

For further information, please go to: http://en.apu.ac.jp/academic/page/content0166.html/?c=0611

Fact Sheet : 2018_Exchange_Program_Fact_Sheet

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[Japan] Meiji University – Exchange Student Program 2018



(1) 2018 Spring semester (April, 2018- )

*Duration of study abroad at Meiji (excluding arrival dates, orientations.) Subject to change.
April 2018 – July 2018 (one semester only)
April 2018 – February 2019 (one year)*Online application: August 22 – September 28, 2017
*Send application materials via courier to Meiji: August 22 – October 12, 2017All applicants for 2018 spring semester are required to complete the online application by September 28. To complete the application, application materials must be sent via courier to Meiji by October 12 after the online application. Also, please send the application for COE as an Excel document to exchange@meiji.ac.jp

(2) 2018 Fall semester (September, 2018- )

*Duration of study abroad at Meiji (excluding arrival dates, orientations). Subject to change.
September 2018 – February 2019 (one semester only)
September 2018 – July 2019 (one year)*Online application: January 16 – February 22, 2018
*Send application materials via courier to Meiji: January 16 – March 8, 2018All applicants for 2018 fall semester are required to complete the online application by February 22. To complete the application, application materials must be sent via courier to Meiji by March 8 after the online application. Also, please send the application for COE as an Excel document to exchange@meiji.ac.jp

(3) Notes

NO application is accepted after the deadline.
Duration of study abroad at Meiji (one semester or one year) and preferred school must be decided before applying for the program. They cannot be changed after the online application.

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[Japan] Nagoya University – Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE) 2017


[Scholarship is offered for this program]

The Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE), established in February 1996, is a short-term student exchange program, through which international students enrolled at Nagoya University’s partner institutions are given the opportunity to study in Japan for four to twelve months. The program aims to forge friendships that extend beyond borders, internationalize through education, and motivate overseas students to pursue more extensive studies with regard to Japan. The NUPACE academic year runs from late September to August of the following year, and students are offered a choice of two admission periods: late September or early April.

As to the program itself: NUPACE offers a unique and flexible curriculum consisting of Japanese language instruction, Japan area/intercultural studies and a wide range of courses in the student’s major field of study. In principle, the medium of instruction is English. Provided that students meet the minimum requirement of fifteen credits per semester, they are free to design their own curriculum, balancing their interest in Japanese language and Japan area/intercultural studies with their desire to pursue their ‘major’ or independent research. Guided research is also available as a study option. Furthermore, students who are proficient in Japanese are eligible to register for any course offered to degree-seeking students at Nagoya University.

For further information:https://nupace.iee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/

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[Japan] University of Tokyo – University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP) 2018


[Scholarship is offered for this program]

—— For Undergraduate and Master ——

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) accepts exchange students from partner universities with which the University has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding concerning student exchange. Exchange studentscan choose between the Type G and Type U programs.The Type G program is designed for graduate students. Type G participants will belong to one of the Graduate Schools which they applied for and be able to take various courses or conduct research under the guidance offaculty members. The Type U program is designed for undergraduate students to take various courses given in English and/orJapanese in the various Faculties in accordance with their English and/or Japanese language proficiency.

Information about USTEP:http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/academics/ustep-overview.html

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[Japan] Fukuoka Women’s University – World of Japanese Contemporary Culture (Spring 2018)


[Scholarship is offered for this program]

Fukuoka Women’s University is offering its short-term study abroad program to ambitious international female students focusing on Japanese culture from September, 2017 to August, 2018. The students  participate in 1 semester program (starting April 2018).

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[Japan] Kyoto University – Exchange Program Spring Semester 2018


[Scholarship is offered for this program]

Kyoto University is a comprehensive research university with a student body comprising ambitious young people from diverse cultural backgrounds who are pursuing studies in a wide variety of fields. The university’s overall enrollment of 23,000 students includes approximately 2,000 international students from around 100 countries and regions throughout the world. Sharing your ideas and aspirations with this diverse group of fellow students will greatly enrich your academic progress and your student life.

For further information please visithttps://simpan.ugm.ac.id/s/m02Nngzs10QEQPx

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