[Japan] Kansai University – Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) Winter 2018


[This program is self-funded]

Kansai University (KU), known as one of the leading universities in Japan with old history of 130years, is a comprehensive private university with 13 undergraduate, 13 graduate programs, and 3 professional graduate schools. There are over 30,000 students enrolled at the university including more than 900 international students. KU campuses are located in Osaka. They are about an hour train ride away from Kyoto, Kobe and Nara. Under the new vision for internationalization entitled “Kansai University Global Initiatives” (GI Vision), KU opened the Bekka “Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory
Course” in 2012. This unique course is designed to enhance Japanese language proficiency, media literacy and inter-cultural competency.

Currently, over 100 international students from various countries and regions with large portion of students from Asia are enrolled in the course. They are striving to move on to the next stage of education at Japanese universities at both undergraduate and graduate levels. We are now offering an Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) in addition to the Preparatory Course (Bekka). IJLC will have sessions in summer and winter. In this IJLC, we provide instruction in Japanese as a second language as well as Japanese culture experiences and field trips (e.g. to Kyoto). Participants will learn Japanese language, and understand Japanese culture and society from various perspectives. Another feature of the IJLC is that the participants will have opportunities to interact with KU Japanese students through a variety of activities. In summary, participants will have opportunities to learn communicative Japanese and truly experience the vibrant cities and people of Western Japan.

Program details & application guide: KU_ijlc_2018_winter_en


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