[Singapore] National University of Singapore – 17th AUN and 6th ASEAN+3 Educational Forum & Young Speakers’ Contest 2017 (UPDATE)


The AUN Educational Forum and Young Speakers Contest is one of the flagship youth activities of ASEAN University Network, or the AUN, which was first launched in 1998. This activity was previously known as AUN Educational and ASEAN Young Speakers Contest separately. However, at the 16th AUN-BOT Meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the Board members agreed to merge the two activities into one to ensure cost-effectiveness as well as to intensify the learning outcome and impact to the students. The merged activities were thus renamed as AUN Educational Forum and Young Speakers Contest.

The  host  university  is  responsible  for  the organising and local arrangement including accommodations, local transportation, materials, and meals. The participants are requested to bear their own airfares to Singapore, travel insurance and any other associated costs of travel (e.g. visa costs)

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[INFO SESSION] University of Auckland


Info session regarding Masters in Public Policy and Masters in Conflict and Terrorism by the University of Auckland. The info session will be delivered by Jennifer Curtin, Director, Public Policy Institute, Politics and International Relations, University of Auckland and Chris Wilson, Senior Lecturer and Master’s Programme Director, Politics and International Relations, University of Auckland.

Date/Time: Friday, 28 April 2017, 14:00 – 15.30 PM,
Place: Room BA 101, FISIPOL, UGM

Register: ugm.id/aucklandinfo

Cross-Cultural Understanding Club Pottery Workshop


A warm invitation for those longing for a touch of art on their hands, to be creative – relaxing – artistic, or simply wanting to check your bucket list.
Reserve yourself a seat in the very first Cross-Cultural Understanding Club pottery workshop.
It will be on Saturday, April 29th, 2017.
The workshop location is in Kasongan, but we will meet up at West Hall of Fisipol at 8am and depart together with the transportation we have reserved.
There will also be a free Indonesian lunch in Omah Sawah afterward.
Join us to create your own handmade pottery!

Seminar “Peluang dan Tantangan Pencapaian Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan 2030 di Indonesia”


Pada tahun 2015, dunia telah menyepakati Agenda 2030 bagi Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs), sebagai acuan perencanaan pembangunan global dan fokus kerja sama internasional untuk 15 tahun ke depan. Tantangan Indonesia adalah memastikan Agenda 2030 dapat diimplementasikan secara baik dan dirasakan manfaatnya oleh seluruh lapisan masyarakat Indonesia. Seminar ini diharapkan dapat mendorong peserta mempelajari good practices dan lessons learned dalam implementasi pembangunan berkelanjutan.

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Public Lecture “U.S. Separation of Powers: Who Holds the Trump Card?”

Poster Jack van Doren (1)

U.S. politics, apart from being highly dynamic, stands at the center of global attention due to the large influence U.S. has over the course of global politics. As is the case with all strong democracies, political decisions in the U.S. are made under a system where power is separated into three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial system. This program will dissect the way separation of powers work in the U.S., particularly in light of various legal and policy-related implications resulted by the interaction between the executive, the Congress, and the judicial system in the U.S.

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