Alternative Leadership Program in Social Entrepreneurship, Culture, & Education

Brosur ALP Summer 2016 (1)

alternative:project, in collaboration with Nippon Foundation Student Volunteer Center ( is holding two 2-week programs in Indonesia:
Alternative Leadership Program in Social Entrepreneurship (Jakarta, August 4-17, 2016)
Culture and Education (Yogyakarta, August 30-September 12,2016)

We are looking for 4 Indonesian students for Jakarta one and 5 Indonesian students for Jogja. They will join Japanese students from various university in Japan. During the program, students will learn about the topics depends on the theme. Not only learning, they will also get hands-on experience through the creative activities.

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GUEST LECTURE “Public Management Reform in Developing Countries: The Malaysian Experience and Lessons”

Guest Lecture May 27 2016 (1)

Department of Public Policy and Management presents:

“Public Management Reform in Developing Countries: The Malaysian Experience and Lessons”

Prof. Noore Siddiquee
(Flinders University)

Date & Time
Friday, May 27th, 2016
08.30 – 10.30 am
R. Seminar MAP, Fisipol UGM Unit II

Free and limited seat!

CP. Mbak Ari (081578984554)

Thammasat University Scholarship for ASEAN Studies Master Program



Thammasat University offers scholarship oppotunities for our international students of the ASEAN Studies program. These scholarships normally cover Tuition fees (plus accommodation fees and stipends per month for priority students). The selection process typically begins with an initial screening by our ASEAN Studies committee and then the list of selected candidates will be proposed to the Thammasat University for the final selection.
Regarding this, we’re very pleased to offer your students the first priorty to be selected to potentially receive the full scholarship including Tuition fees, accommodation fees and stipends per month. If you are interested in this scholarship, please visit ASEAN Studies Center’s website for further information regarding the application procedure.


The 7th Model Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

Unleash the negotiator in you and show that you are a consensus builder! The 7 th Model ASEM is your opportunity to discover your diplomatic vein!



The 7 th Model ASEM is a 3-day youth conference and political simulation of the actual Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit. Model ASEM is a platform for political debate and negotiation where over 150 participants from the 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries have the possibility to experience first-hand Asia -Europe diplomacy through role-play exercises, practical trainings as well as meetings with the ASEM Leaders of today.

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GE Unimpossible Missions: University Edition

Unimpossible Missions Banner_033016

Dear Student,

How does an internship at a GE Global Research Center and a scholarship of up to $100,000 sound to you?

With GE’s Unimpossible Missions: University Edition global challenge, now’s your chance to push the boundaries of human knowledge. To rewrite the rule book. To make the impossible possible, with the help of science.

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[Japan] Showa Women’s University – Intensive Japanese Language Program 2016 (Fall Semester)

About SWU

Showa Women’ s University founded in 1920, is one of the most globalized women’s colleges in Japan. It is a liberal arts college located in central Tokyo (15 minutes from Shibuya).

1) SWU Academic Program
A 15 week program offered in both Fall and Spring semester. Students will take courses offered in Japanese by 12 different departments. Students can learn subjects of their interest and also experience actual Japanese university classes with other SWU students.

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CCUC Week #6: Captain Phillips Movie Screening

A movie screening session was held by Global Engagement Office on Thursday, April 28th 2016 as a part of Cross Cultural Understanding Club’s activities. In room BA 301 Fisipol building, the CCUC participants watched a true story movie which was nominated as the best motion picture in 2014, Captain Phillips. The movie told us about a US-flagged ship, MV Maersk Alabama, which was hijacked by Somalian pirates who also kidnapped the captain and demanded ransom. The participants seemed to enjoy every single scene and got their emotions involved. Tom Hanks, the main actor, could play the role really well as Captain Phillips who was a smart, patience, responsible and wise leader.


During the movie, the participants were focused on the story and being so emotional. The movie gave us a new perspective about the world that people in Somalia are risking their life and threatening others to earn money. In the other hand, we can live our life peacefully in our own place with a good job and comfortable environment. As the movie finished, we agreed that economic gap does exist and may cause some conflicts. Poverty drives people to do bad things to continue their life, including pirating, stealing, and killing. State is the one who is responsible to guarantee the well-being and security of its people. Meanwhile in a stateless country like Somalia, there is no one can assure that. Therefore, people are very vulnerable and dare to do anything to survive.