Education Program: Short Course

Short Courses are programs that are arranged collaboratively between UGM and partner universities. Short courses help students and lecturers from partner universities to engage themselves with Indonesian, both the people, the culture, and the issues surrounding Indonesia. Partner universities are welcomed to contact Global Engagement Office FISIPOL to arrange collaboratively, short course program held in Yogyakarta. Here are some of our annual short course programs as well as another collaborative program in form of workshop:

  1. Flinders University Short Course
  2. This annual short course is held collaboratively by FISIPOL UGM in cooperation with Flinders University. The purpose of the program is to create awareness and enrich the knowledge of the students of Flinders University as participants about Indonesia as one of the most prominent neighbours of Australia, through diverse activities such as lectures, field trip, and institutional visits. Students also have a chance to taste local foods and experience Indonesian cultures as well as interacting with local students and resident of Yogyakarta. The program is expected to provide new experience, promote understanding and enhance people-to-people engagement between Indonesia and Australia.

  3. SMU Short Course Program
    The annual short course is initiated by UGM and Singapore Management University (SMU) to strengthen the collaboration between them. This program is designed to broaden the students’ perspective on the social, economic and political issues through intensive courses in class, meeting the CEOs as well as visiting local and national companies. Through the program, the students could learn from the Indonesian experts and businessmen as well as experience the actual production and distribution process to understand the whole economic activities which somehow affect the social, economic, and political dynamics in Indonesia.

  4. Ohio State University - UGM Tourism and Culture Workshop
    This program is held collaboratively by FISIPOL UGM in cooperation with OSU. The purpose of the program is to help students to explore the potential of development of international tourism in Yogyakarta, to understand social, environmental, and economic influences of such tourism activities, and to understand how does interaction between foreign tourists, domestic tourists and locals impact local culture in Yogyakarta.