Education Program: E-Lecture

  1. E-Lecture Class SKKU - UGM
  2. Each Year, faculty of social and political sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia in collaboration with the Graduate School of Governance Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea conducts the Collaborative E-Lecture Program. The Lectures is delivered in English through a video conference between both schools, and the class is cross-listed as open to both undergraduates and graduate students from all departments in Fisipol UGM. At the end of the semester, participants are granted a certificate of completion and the best ones will be selected to join a fully funded summer program in South Korea.

    Students could register themselves through Palawa System (KRS)

    Course Information
    • Course Name : Understanding Korean Social Welfare and Social Policy
    • Code :
    • Credits : 3
    • Lecturer(s) :
      • Min-Hyo, Cho, Ph.D
      • Prof. Dr. Agus Pramusinto
      • Dr. Bevaola Kusumasari
    • Schedule : Tentative
    • Classroom : Multimedia Room 307, Magister of Public Administration (MAP), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Unit II UGM, 3rd floor of Sekip Building

    The course introduces a range of vital social policies in both the Korean and global context and describes the most important programs created by those policies. The course emphasises understanding the strengths and weaknesses of social policies as well as the intended and unintended effects of these policies and how they are influenced by various contextual factors such as labour market outcomes and family structure.

  3. Extended Offline Class at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UGM
    An Extended Offline Class is conducted once a year at the end of the academic year. Unlike the E-lecture class, Sungkyunkwan University’s Professors will teach directly at the faculty of social and political sciences regarding their research project in the field of Public Policy and Management. The class will be delivered face-to-face and students are expected to be actively engaged in the class discussion. The Extended Offline Class is cross-listed as open to both Undergraduates and graduate students who are interested in the proposed topic.

  4. International Summer Semester at SKKU
    Sungkyunkwan University invites prominent individuals from abroad who have distinguished in professional fields. Every year, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences send two outstanding students who have participated in the E-lecture Class to join ISS-SKKU. The International Summer Semester (ISS) is an unforgettable four-week summer experience. By bringing together students and faculty from Korea and around the world, the ISS is not only academically stimulating; it also offers an opportunity to make new friends and discover Seoul and Korea.