UNWP World Congress 2016 in Seoul, Korea

Call for Participation

The World Congress of Global Partnership for Young Women 2016 takes place Monday, August 1 through Friday, August 12, 2016, in historic Seoul, South Korea. This year’s theme of “Creating Together: Capacity Building and Sustainable Development for Women” examines the concepts of women’s empowerment, capacity building, and sustainable development and women’s empowerment as a key process in achieving gender equality, and, through that, sustainable development, and the benefits to society as a whole. Important motifs of the Congress will be how concepts of women’s empowerment and sustainable development are inextricably tied together in terms of intra and inter-generational justice and, furthermore, what can be done, needs to be done, and is being done for women’s empowerment, both with regard to the building of a dedicated, enabling policy environment and means for enhancing women’s capacity as active change agents for sustainable development.


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