[Poland] University of Opole – Summer School 2017


[This program is self-funded]
We are thrilled to announce that we are currently recruiting for international study programmes at the University of Opole in Poland. Preparing for the next academic year, we crafted an offer perfect for those of your students eager to acquire greater language proficiency.
English language proficiency is the most important requirement to get enrolled in international study programmes. In the case foreign students have not mastered English at a desirable level, they have two options at the University of Opole.
The first one is to:
  • participate in the 3-week Summer School (459 Euros – available the next year) during which students combine vacations with intensive language classes and afterclass activities. Besides English, they acquire basic Polish and get familiar with European culture and society in general, and with the local way of life in particular.

Moreover, they can:

  • take up 1 semester or 1-year English Language Preparatory Course (1160 Euros) which is meant to prepare foreigners for their further studies in terms of language and other skills, such as analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, team work, project based learning, etc.
We are looking forward to hosting your students who either want to stay for international studies at the University of Opole (hello.uni.opole.pl/study) or just want to acquire higher English language proficiency and continue their academic career elsewhere.