[Japan] Nagoya University – Nagoya University Short-term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP) 2018


[This program is self funded]

The Nagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP) offers two week of intensive Japanese classes. Participants will join specialized lectures by faculty and visit some of the laboratories on campus. We aim to promote a greater understanding of Japanese culture and society.
The program also provides various on and off-campus activities such as cultural excursions, field trips, exchanges and discussions with Nagoya University students. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

For further information, please go to: http://ieec.iee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/nustep/about/index.html


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[Japan] Nagoya University – Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE) 2017


[Scholarship is offered for this program]

The Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE), established in February 1996, is a short-term student exchange program, through which international students enrolled at Nagoya University’s partner institutions are given the opportunity to study in Japan for four to twelve months. The program aims to forge friendships that extend beyond borders, internationalize through education, and motivate overseas students to pursue more extensive studies with regard to Japan. The NUPACE academic year runs from late September to August of the following year, and students are offered a choice of two admission periods: late September or early April.

As to the program itself: NUPACE offers a unique and flexible curriculum consisting of Japanese language instruction, Japan area/intercultural studies and a wide range of courses in the student’s major field of study. In principle, the medium of instruction is English. Provided that students meet the minimum requirement of fifteen credits per semester, they are free to design their own curriculum, balancing their interest in Japanese language and Japan area/intercultural studies with their desire to pursue their ‘major’ or independent research. Guided research is also available as a study option. Furthermore, students who are proficient in Japanese are eligible to register for any course offered to degree-seeking students at Nagoya University.

For further information:https://nupace.iee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/

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