[South Korea] Chung-Ang University – CAU 2017 International Winter Program (CAU 2017 IWP)


[This program is self-funded]

CAU has offered an International Winter Program since 2014. Thanks to the continued success of our short term program, in 2017, we decided to continue the International Winter Program to expand the opportunity for students around the world to experience not only what it is like to study at Chung-Ang University, but also to share the rich and wonderful culture of modern and traditional Korea. CAU’s International Winter Program (IWP) is a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korea, where courses are coupled with cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Korea’s Culture and Society.

For further information, please go tohttp://oia.cau.ac.kr

Program Brochure: CAU 2017 International Winter Program Brochure


2017 CAU IWP is a 2.5 week program from January 18th to February 3rd, 2018

Schedule: Invitation for CAU 2017 International Winter Program


 CAU 2017 IWP will provide students with 4 (four) transferable credits.

1)      Korean Language course (2 credits)

–          Basic Korean / Intermediate Korean / Advanced Korean

2)      Korean Culture and Society course (2 credits).


•  Curriculum Vitae

•  Motivation Letter

•  Certificate of Enrollment from faculty

•  Official academic transcript

•  Letter of Recommendation from academic advisor

•  Colored copy of passport

•  Passport-size photo (4 pieces, 3.5 x 4.5 cm, white background color, taken within the past three months)

•  Letter of Nomination from faculty (*addressed to Head of Office of International Affairs)

•  English language proficiency  (Min. Score of TOEFL – ITP=550, iBT 80 or IELTS 5.5)


1) Submit the aforementioned documents to Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur F-13) for internal review.

2) OIA staffs will evaluate your application.

3) Once you are selected as Nominated Student, you may continue online application to Chung-Ang University as for host university selection.

4) FINAL decision from Chung-Ang University.



Please send all documents above in 2 COPIES to Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur Block F-13) no later than October 27, 2017