[Japan] Kokushikan University – Exchange Program 2019


[This program is self-funded]

Kokushikan University is now recruiting exchange student in year 2019, from March 2019 to February 2020. The origins of Kokushikan University lie in the Kokushikan private academy, founded in Tokyo’s Azabu district in 1917, midway through Japan’s turbulent Taisho period. Founder Tokujiro Shibata and his young colleagues envisaged that this academy would cultivate competent individuals endowed with wisdom and courage.

University prospectus: http://www.kokushikan.ac.jp/research/IC/book/html5.html#page=1



Deadline for application: September 29



Application Procedure 2019

1. Conditions



  1. Submit the aforementioned documents to Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur F-13) for internal review.
  2. OIA staffs will evaluate your application.
  3. Once you are selected as Nominated Student, OIA will inform you.
  4. FINAL decision from Kokushikan University.
Please send all documents above in 2 COPIES (hardcopy) to Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur Block F-13) and by email to scholarship@ugm.ac.id no later than September 14, 2018.