[Japan] Kansai University of International Studies – Spring Exchange Program 2020

Greeting from Kansai University of International Studies in Japan!

Kansai University of International Studies (KUIS) was first established as a two-year women’s junior college in 1987. In 1998, it became a four-year college to add a new page to the history of universities in Japan. As befits the name of the institution, partnerships with 36 overseas universities across 10 countries and 1 region situated primarily in the Asian-Pacific region, have been established.

KUIS is known as a university with a strong educational component and enjoys an excellent reputation for designing and developing educational programs and for the level of learning achievements attained. Five learning benchmarks and twelve intermediate targets have been prescribed to promote the integration of the cultivation of general-purpose skills with learning through specialized education.

We are pleased to inform you that the application for student exchange for spring 2020 is now open. KUIS will be glad to accept one student from Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Please find enclosed the application pack for the program. (download)

Required Documents

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificate of Enrollment from Faculty
  • Letter of Nomination from Faculty (*addressed to Head of Office of International Affairs)
  • Colored Copy of Passport
  • 6 Passport-sized photos (W 30mm×H 40mm) (*white background, name and home university on the back)
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation from Academic Advisor
  • KUIS Exchange Student Application Form (*attached in the application pack)
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility (*attached in the application pack)
  • A government document to prove the relationship between the student and the sponsor/supporter specified in Form no.2 (*attached in the application pack)
  • Certificate of Income
  • Certificate of Health in Form No.3 (*attached in the application pack)
  • Proof of Japanese Proficiency (if any)
  • A document that certifies that the applicant is a recipient of a scholarship from his/her own country (if any)
  • Confirmation Letter of Participation (download)


  1. Submit the aforementioned documents to the Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur F-12) for internal review.
  2. OIA staff will evaluate your application.
  3. We will inform you once you are selected as Nominated Student, OIA will send your application to Kansai University of International Studies as host university selection.
  4. The FINAL decision from Kansai University of International Studies.

Please send all documents above in hardcopy (2 COPIES) to Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur Block F-12) and  softcopy (compiled in 1 PDF file) to scholarship@ugm.ac.id no later than October 15th, 2019.