[Japan] Gifu University – Exchange Program 2019/2020


[This program is self-funded]
There are three student statuses from which you can choose in order to study at Gifu University as an exchange student.
1. Special Research Student (April – September, October – March)
2. Special Auditor (April – September, October – March)
3. Japanese Studies Program Student (October – September)
In deciding with which status you want to study at Gifu University, please consider carefully the purposes of your study and your Japanese language ability.

More Information : https://www.gifu-u.ac.jp/en/international/prospective/non-degree.html#Application

Fact sheetFACT SHEET for Exchange Students 2019-2020



Detailed explanation: Three Programs to Study at Gifu University as Exchange_ Students
1. Special Research Student
Only graduate students can become Special Research Students. Special Research Students can conduct research on their themes at the graduate school, and can receive advice from a faculty supervisor. In general, supervisors will advise the students in Japanese. Once you decide your own research topic, please contact the Inbound and Outbound Student Affiars Section.

2. Special Auditor
Undergraduate students and graduate students can become Special Auditors. If the student’s Japanese ability is equivalent to Level 2 (N2) or higher on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, the students are required to be affiliated with one of the faculties, and study one academic field. Special Auditors attend regular classes with Japanese students at the faculty or graduate school. Therefore, they must have the Japanese ability equivalent to level 2 (N2) or
higher on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. In addition to regular classes, they can take Japanese language and cultural classes that the International Student Center offers. If the student’s Japanese ability is lower than Level 2 (N2) on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, the students are required to be affiliated with the International Student Center and study mainly Japanese language and culture. Students are placed to the most appropriate classes according to their Japanese ability.

3. Japanese Studies Program Student
The International Student Center provides a Japanese Language and Culture Program. The aim of this program is to help students understand the language
and culture of Japan. 
Applicants for this program must meet all the following qualifications and conditions; 1) applicants must be regular students in an undergraduate program, 2) must be in the second year or above, 3) must be majoring or double-majoring in Japanese language and Japanese studies, and 4) must have passed the second-level Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2) or demonstrate equivalent proficiency in Japanese. This course starts in October only. We will send the application forms to the specific partner universities around the end of January, 2018.



April – September 2019
October 2019 – March 2020


Application Guideline: How to Prepare the Application Documents
1. Application Form for Special Auditor (Form A-1 ) or Application Form for Special Research Student (Form A-2 )
2. Certificate of Eligibility (College Student) Application Form (Form B )
3. Financial Support Information Form (Form C )
4. Certificate of Deposit Balance
5. Questionnaire for Study/Proposed Study/at Gifu University Form, *Past Scholarly Achievements, *Letter of Recommendation by Academic Adviser (Form D-1 ) *Only graduate students or Questionnaire for Research at Gifu University/Past Scholarly Achievements/Proposed Research at Gifu University/Letter of Recommendation by Academic Adviser (Form D-2 )
6. Letter of Reference by Japanese language Instructor (Form E )
7. Certificate of Enrollment from Home University
8. Certified Academic Transcript from Home University
9. Two full face photos (Width 3 cm(1.19”) x Height 4 cm(1.58”)). Please read the photograph guidelines carefully  Photograph Guidelines
10. Copy of a passport
11. Curriculum Vitae
12. Motivation Letter
13. Letter of Nomination from faculty (*addressed to Head of Office of International Affairs)
14.  English language proficiency  (Min. Score of TOEFL – ITP=530, iBT 80 or IELTS 6.0)


1) Submit the aforementioned documents to Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur F-12) for internal review.
2) OIA staffs will evaluate your application.
3) Once you are selected as Nominated Student, OIA will send your application to Gifu University as for host university selection.
4) FINAL decision from Gifu University.

Please send all documents above in 2 COPIES to Office of International Affairs, UGM (Bulaksumur Block F-12) no later than October 17, 2018.