Public Lecture Dr.Hassan Wirajuda on Ineffective World Order, the Urgency to Establishing Regional Order and Sustaining the Nation-State: Implication Toward Indonesia

On March 2nd 2016, Dr.Hassan Wirajuda, the foreign minister of Indonesia (2001-2009) visited Universitas Gadjah Mada to give a special lecture about “Ineffective World Order, the Urgency to Establishing Regional Order and Sustaining the Nation-State: Implication Toward Indonesia” at Seminar Room Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Gadjah Mada. This Ambassadorial lecture held by Global Engagement Office aims to encourage students to broaden their perspective about the international politics and learn the expertise’s experience. The ambassadorial lecture moderate by the senior lecturer in Department of International Relations, Dr. Siti Muti’ah Setiawati.

Dr. Hassan Wirajuda explained the necessity to reform the world order with various level of analysis. In Global System, Dr. Hassan Wirajuda explained about the ineffective United Nations nowadays  because the Security Council didn’t take any action to response  conflict in Africa and Arab Spring Phenomenon. The new order should represent the emerging power like Indonesia as the fourth biggest population in the world and biggest democratic country with Moslem majority. As a multicultural country, Indonesia should  maintain its fundamental consensus, Pancasila, that was mandated by the founding fathers to preserve the existence of Indonesia as nation-state.

And for the regional order, the development of sub-regional organization like ASEAN will answer the regional order challenge. Dr.Hassan Wirajuda encourage ASEAN Member State to open their mind to share their problem  and experience to help each other like family member without intention to intervene. Indonesia have to play active in regional level by joint the regional forum and resolve some regional issues.

Public lecture ended-up with question and answer session. All participants were eager to know about Dr.Hassan Wirajuda’s experience as the foreign minister of Indonesia (2001-2009) and his point of view about salient issues in Indonesia. Students hoped that the ambassadorial lecture could be held more often. (AA)

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