Flinders University Short Course Program in Yogyakarta 2017


On Monday, 10 July 2017 to Friday, 14 July 2017 Global Engagement Office hosted a short course program for Flinders University students from Australia. This program was part of the collaboration project between Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM and Flinders University, Australia with the support from New Colombo Plan.

For a week, students learned about the dynamics of Indonesian political, economical, and social issues with the experts from FISIPOL UGM such as Dr. Poppy S. Winanti, Dr. Gabriel Lele, Ayu Diasti R., M.A., and Ahmad Rizki M. Umar, M.Sc. Other than academic experience, students were also engaged in cultural activities by visiting Ullen Sentalu Museum and taking Gamelan Course taught by UKJGS UGM. In addition to it, they immersed themselves in the local society by volunteering for Project Child Indonesia at Code Riverside. It is hoped that through this program the participants could acquire cross cultural understanding skill in order to enrich students’ experience.