CCUC Week: Pottery Workshop


It was a bright Saturday and the CCUC participants were gathering in West Hall at 8.30 a.m. to have a pottery workshop in Kasongan Village. Kasongan Village is well-known as a village in Yogyakarta where most of its people do pottery work for living, not only to sell it to tourists or local customer, but they also sell their artworks worldwide. Before the bus came, the participants were given a morning snacks to enjoy. They also had a nice chit-chats and got to know each other. The bus has finally arrived in front of FISIPOL but the participants are still waiting for the other to come. At about 9.00 a.m. all CCUC participants went inside the bus and finally departed from FISIPOL to Kasongan Village.

On the way to Kasongan Village, the participants were given some explanations about what are they going to do, where are they going to have the pottery workshop, and a little introduction about Kasongan Village. The trip only took about 30 – 45 minutes. When the bus entered the village, all participants could see from the bus windows the view of Kasongan Village where they found a lot of pottery artworks at almost every houses. Finally they have arrived at the workshop place. The place is quite big and full of pottery artworks. The pottery artworks we could found inside varies from the smallest to the biggest and the most complicated artworks. There were also some workers that were still working on making ordered potteries.

Before the participants make their own pottery artworks, they were introduced with the owner of the pottery industry, Mr. Subur, who has kindly welcomed us to the ‘behind the making’ of Subur Ceramic. He has also given the participants some instructions on how to make pottery. The participants were facilitated with a pottery table, a wood base, a clump of clay, some oil, and some water. Not only oral instructions, there was also a facilitator in front of the participants who demonstrated the making of pottery. The participants followed the tutorial shown in front of them step ny step. They did not need to worry if they made it unsuccessfully because there were also facilitators from Subur Ceramic that were kindly and patiently helping all participants completing their artworks.

At 12.30 p.m. the participants were all finished making their potteries and it was time to had a lunch at Waroeng Pohon Omah Sawah. All of the pottery artworks they have made are going to be finished at approximately one week by the Subur Ceramic and CCUC crew will take the artworks to give them back to the participants. After thanking the facilitators from Subur Ceramic and taking some photos, the CCUC participants headed straight to Waroeng Pohon Omah Sawah  and had a nice lunch. As the participants enjoy the food, they exchanged stories, experiences, and social media account with each other so they can keep in touch in the future. At 15.00 they headed back to FISIPOL. All participants were really enjoying the workshop and they can not wait for the next CCUC activity.