CCUC Week #6: Captain Phillips Movie Screening

A movie screening session was held by Global Engagement Office on Thursday, April 28th 2016 as a part of Cross Cultural Understanding Club’s activities. In room BA 301 Fisipol building, the CCUC participants watched a true story movie which was nominated as the best motion picture in 2014, Captain Phillips. The movie told us about a US-flagged ship, MV Maersk Alabama, which was hijacked by Somalian pirates who also kidnapped the captain and demanded ransom. The participants seemed to enjoy every single scene and got their emotions involved. Tom Hanks, the main actor, could play the role really well as Captain Phillips who was a smart, patience, responsible and wise leader.


During the movie, the participants were focused on the story and being so emotional. The movie gave us a new perspective about the world that people in Somalia are risking their life and threatening others to earn money. In the other hand, we can live our life peacefully in our own place with a good job and comfortable environment. As the movie finished, we agreed that economic gap does exist and may cause some conflicts. Poverty drives people to do bad things to continue their life, including pirating, stealing, and killing. State is the one who is responsible to guarantee the well-being and security of its people. Meanwhile in a stateless country like Somalia, there is no one can assure that. Therefore, people are very vulnerable and dare to do anything to survive.