CCUC Week #5: Gamelan Course


An important agenda was held yesterday during Cross Cultural Understanding Club the 5th meeting. As one of CCUC’s main purposes is to introduce Indonesian cultures to the foreign students, so this meeting we learned playing Indonesian traditional music instruments called gamelan.

The meeting started at 3 PM and during the gamelan course, the participants were taught by a professional gamelan coach from UKJGS (students’ extracurricular organization) called Mr. Joko. The coach set a prominent rule to be implemented during the course. One rule that has to be obeyed by the participants during the course is that they suppose to respect the instruments and play the instruments whole heartedly because gamelan is respected by Indonesian since it is a part of our history.

One of the participants, Thanaphong from Thailand told the facilitators that the gamelan session was fun. He was honoured to play the instruments during his stay in Indonesia and interested to learn Gamelan even after the session finished. Mr Joko pesonally happy to taught the international students as well as the Indonesian students because they showed an amazing result during the session and try their best to play the instruments in harmony.