CCUC Week #4: Japanese Course


Thursday, 18th March 2016 might be the best day for all Japanese culture enthusiasts who joined our Japanese cultural session. Nine International students who came from Japan, had prepared some Japanese cultural facts to be shared. The Japanese cultural session aimed to broaden Fisipol Students’ knowledge about Japan through its technology, cultures, and societal system. It was important to gain more knowledge about Japan since both countries shared historical, economic, and political ties.

The Japanese students started  the meeting with a quiz. There were nine students who became the facilitators, they were Yuko, Takuya, Machi, Moe, Aki, Chinami, Yuki, Lemon, and Marina. The questions were all about Japan and the participants should answer the quiz spontaneously to know how much they know about Japan. For those who could answer the quiz correctly, would get a rubber band as the tickets to participate in the game session. There were 5 questions in the first round. The questions were related to Japanese common manner when eating sushi in a sushi restaurant or sushiya as well as some fun facts about the food itself.  In the next two sessions, the topics were about Japanese advance technology and Harakiri as one of Japanese cultures during the old day.

Before the meeting ended, the participants played Japanese shooting games or shateki using the traditional handmade gun and rubber band they’d  got in the previous session. They had to shoot the targets and collect points as much as possible. The top ten participants with the highest points would  get Japanese snacks as the reward. During the two hour meeting, participants were excited to learn lots of things about Japan and personally communicate with the natives.