CCUC Week #3: Thailand Course

On March 10th, 2016 The third meeting of Cross Cultural Understanding Club’s (CCUC) theme is all about Thailand culture. One of FISIPOL’s international students, Thanaphong Saksereephong, from Chiang Mai University shared about A-to-Z Thailand such as simple traditional dance, food, language, even politic. This session aims to introduce FISIPOL students about ASEAN Member State’s culture in order to support ASEAN Community. And for international students in FISIPOL, we would shared them about ASEAN spirit.

The meeting started with Thai traditional dance. The dance was quite simple yet difficult, but the facilitators help the participants to dance in harmony. The next session was learning Thai cultures. The facilitators had prepared videos and presentations about Thailand. The participants learned about Thailand Geography, tourism resorts, foods, do’s and don’ts, as well as the politics. The participants learned the greetings in Thai and practice the gesture together.

On the last session, Thai language course, participants learned vocabularies in Thai as well as the structure of the sentence. They have to introduce their self in Thai and remember to count the number. To ended the session, the facilitator gave some quiz to test the participants about the things they have been learning. Lots of participants participated in answering the question enthusiastically. The facilitators gave coins and bank note as the reward.

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