CCUC Week #2: Learn Bahasa

Our second Cross Cultural Understanding Club Meeting was held on Thursday, March 03, 2016 in Room BA113 Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM. In this meeting we discussed about Indonesian Culture and Etiquette, Learning Basic Bahasa Indonesia as well as  playing traditional games in the end of the session.

The session starts at 3 and we start the session by watching short video about Indonesian culture to our foreigner friends. We explained several cultures and habits of Indonesian, like; our habit of using right hand to do anything except toilet business, nodding head when elderly people are around as a greeting, smiling to strangers, and more. After that the facilitators distribute papers with vocabularies in Bahasa Indonesia and the structure of sentence. The participants are excited to learn bahasa Indonesia they were teached by other participants that come from Indonesia. The facilitator gives each team 20 minutes to learn BahasaI Indonesia. After learning Bahasa Indonesia, we play a game to test their skills and it turns out that out of 5 from 6 participants can memorize more than 50% vocabularies. Both the Indonesian students and the International students are happy about second meeting’s lesson. The last session is playing traditional game. We played Gobak sodor or Galahasin, the participants counted from one to two to decide the attacker team and the defense team. The game was fun and fascinating. The second meeting ended at 5 PM.

Overall, the second meeting was fun and memorable. The international students learned about Indonesian culture, language, and traditional games and the Indonesian students  teached and shared our culture as well. Even after the club ended, some participants stayed for 15 minutes talking about their experiences during their stay in Indonesia, or their plan for buddy’s meeting.(AAM)