Considering the idea of successfully making ASEAN Economic Community possible through youth involvement, Global Engagement Office (GEO) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences initiates an ASEAN Youth Socialpreneurs Program. This program is designed to present and introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship in the recent world and its context to the regional economic stability. GEO and ASC has shown its concern upon the importance of youth involvement to drive an effective and efficient economy, therefore this program aims to give wide and better understanding about social entrepreneurship and its practical experiences through a week interesting and exciting program and activities.

The program includes a set of social entrepreneurship and business workshops, ASEAN lectures, company expo, company visit and excursion, cultural exchange, as well as competition. On one hand students will get to know the characteristic of social entrepreneurship and confidence-building to start up a new business in order to overcome social problems, but on the other hand students will also compete to one another in creating a significant business plan in order to get ready to analyze social problems in their surroundings.


  1. Developing social empathy and ability, entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation of youth and student from Indonesia, ASEAN, and across the globe;
  2. Enhancing mutual understanding and people to people engagement between student and youth from ASEAN and across the globe in order to achieve ASEAN Community 2015;
  3. Enhancing competitive spirit among student and youth to be able to face regional economic challenges;
  4. Developing spirit as the agent of change to be able to solve social problems in their society and surroundings;
  5. Facilitating student and youth from ASEAN and across the globe to exchange their ideas, cultures, as well as experiences in order to develop networking for social entrepreneurship


  1. Social Entrepreneurship Competition
    Business plan competition: is a competition for student and youth from ASEAN and across the globe to create business plan in which significantly addressing social problems in the society. There are five main concerns as themes in which the participant will create a business plan based on these concerns, which are services, technology, creative industry, culinary, and agribusiness.
    The competition is in a group framework, a group consists of three youth and student. Each group must submit their proposal to the organizing committee to be reviewed and assessed. 20 groups/teams will be selected to attend the preliminary round and get a chance to attend the full program of ASEAN Young Socialpreneurs Program at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. For the final round, three groups will be selected to present their proposal in front of the adjudicators.
  2. Workshop and Lecture
    Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship Start up and Networking): is a day workshop which will be delivered by social entrepreneurship professionals who are academics and practinioners. The participants of this event are not only the official participants of ASEAN Young Socialpreneurs Program 2015, but also student and youth from various universities as well as communities in Yogyakarta and Indonesia. The workshop will be presented by the invited individuals or companies who have experienced social entrepreneurship.
    Lecture on ASEAN Community: is a closed lecture for participants to deeply understand about the role of socialpreneurs in overcoming the problem of youth unemployment in ASEAN in order to foster the establishment of ASEAN Community.
  3. Excursion: Social Entrepreneurs Yogyakarta
    The participants of this program will be involved in activities conducted at the social entrepreneurs in Yogyakarta. Participants will be given chance to learn about how social entrepreneurs run their business and effectively overcome social problems particularly in their surroundings. There are two places we are planning to visit which are Gemah Ripah Waste Bank and Hoshizora Foundation in Bantul, Yogyakarta.
  4. Cultural Programs
    Beside the tight schedule of the business plan competition as well as workshop and lecture, the participants will also enjoy the cultural programs, including cultural night and cultural visit to tourism places and historical sites in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is known as the center of tourism attraction in Indonesia, where there are a lot of tourism places and traditional cuisines the tourist can enjoy. All participants will enjoy a day cultural program in order to witness the kindness of Yogyakarta’s culture and the wonderful Indonesia. There are two places we are planning to visit which are Borobudur Temple and Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple as well as one program of cultural night where all participants will show us the uniqueness of their culture.
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Cross Cultural Understanding Club is a student club or community initiated by Global Engagement Office in 2012 which is aimed to accommodate and provide local students from all departments in improving their English ability as well as knowing various cultures from other countries. Moreover, we are also intended to enhance people to people engagement and mutual understanding between FISIPOL UGM students and international students coming from various universities and countries who are doing exchange program in our faculty. Every semester in every year, we design programs to provide interactive discussion and social interaction through languages class, traditional dance class, international expo, as well as outing program or field trip to tourism places or historical sites in Yogyakarta.

International expo will be held every year as the top event of the Cross Cultural Understanding Club program. Local and international students will be collaborating to perform Indonesian and overseas traditional cultures such as music and dance. We will be also providing booth for each sending country to make them able to show their traditional cuisines and souvenirs to the local students and society.