Immersion Program

Immersion is a program taught in English conducted by Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Gadjah Mada either for international students or Indonesian students in the faculty, especially for International students whose universities have MOU of student exchange program, thus they can do credit transfer. This program aims at enhancing English proficiency of the students, either active or passive, as well as to accommodate international students who want to take courses in this faculty but they have no Indonesian proficiency. This program consists of courses from each department at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Political Science and Government, International Relations, Communication Science, Sociology, Social Development and Welfare, and Public policy and Management) which can be chosen by the students. Each course has 3 credits and lasts from 14 weeks with 2 hours meeting per session. The learning methods in this program consist of FGD, presentation, written examination and assignment as well as field study. The instruction media which are provided such as reading bricks, presentation and written exam in English.

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