Departments’ Profiles

International Relations

International Relations Program aims to form a student community of in the international relations study which commits to a just, peacful and civilized global society norture. International Relation Science of Universitas Gadjah Mada is designated as a study program which learns about diplomacy, foreign policy, and international political economy. The focus for each field of study is based on the art of diplomacy related to foreign policy which always changes. The discussions about international law, los politics issues, and others become the special characteristics of international relation science. International Relations Website

Communication Studies

When it was established in 1950, the undergraduate program in Communication Science was known as Department of Journalism. Afterwards, in 1980, Department of Journalism was renamed into The Undergraduate Program of Communication. Later on, it was developed and in 2008, the university and the faculty created a policy to build the department system as the central academic school of thought by integrating the undergraduate and graduate program as the result of new management assay. Therefore, in 2008 Communication Science in Faculty of Social and Political Science of Universitas Gadjah Mada was formed and it has undergraduate and graduate programs. Communication Studies Website

Public Policy and Management

Department of Public Policy and Management was established in 1957 which previously known as Department of Public Administrastion Science. It was still being used as one of the departments in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Gadjah Mada until the final decree of Directorace General of Higher Level Education No. 221/DIKTI/KEP/1996 announced the excellent accreditation for the cognate science discipline. This deparment aims to make the students become the best graduates using public sector management curriculum through education, research, and community service. In the future, the graduates are expected to have the competence in managing, using the instruments and having good public policy based on public interest and people welfare. Public Policy and Management Website

Social Development and Welfare

It becomes a part of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Unviersitas Gadjah Mada which established on September 19th, 1955. In order to ensure the education quality, in the next 5 years Department of Sociology will form the initial framework of Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post Graduate program in accordance with the department division. Substantially, the levels of Sociology study program can be defined as follows; for Undergraduate Program the major courses are related to Principle of Sociology, sociology disciplined and applicative practice; for Master Program the study scope is Logic of Sociology, disciplined, applicable and critical; and for Doctoral Program the study scope is Logic of Social Science, they are disciplined, critical, reflective and innovative. The integration of Undergraduate, Master, and Doctoral Program are supplied with adequate learning facilities and the competent and qualified teaching staff. It is expected that the department provides the graduates with the knowledge and opportunity to obtain and develop the knowledge, comprehension, or proficiency in sociology. Social Development and Welfare Website


Social Development and Welfare Study Program is a study which learns about the development emphasized on how the social aim is achieved in the development itself. There are three issues highlighted in this study, they are: 1) How the country provides the social welfare service, 2) How the social condition which related to the inequality, injustice, and dehumanization becomes the obstacle of prosperous society, 3) how to encourage and empower the society to develop independently. Previously, this study program was known as “Sosiatri” which established in 1957. Today, through the rector decree of Unviersitas Gadjah Mada number 100/P/SK-HT/2010, Social Development was changed into Social Development and Welfare. Sociology Website

Politics and Government

It is the oldest educational intitution of political and governmental in Indonesia. The academic activities in this department are supported by the competent staff and the experts from various focus of studies. The development of political, social and cultural climate in this era makes the department of political and governmental as the competent institution in conducting political and governmental educational process in accordance with the demands of era. It is expected that its graduates are highly competent in enhancing community welfare through various applicable political and governmental knowledge that have been obtained. Politics and Government Website